Wiedemann, Peter M. & Freudenstein, Frederik

Exposition und Risikowahrnehmung EMF

The survey “Exposure and Risk Perception” aimed at a comprehensive analysis of the public’s view regarding RF EMF exposure by focussing four key topics:

The exposure situation should be explored in relation with the various exposure sources to which our interviewees are exposed and the duration of exposure for these exposure sources. Concerning the intuitive RF EMF exposure assessment the focus is on the perceived exposure strength regarding different RF EMF emitting devices, including both near-field and far-field exposure. The survey of subjective exposure models concerns mainly the subjective beliefs about the factors, which determine the strength of exposure. Regarding the EMF risk perception two topics are relevant: First the differential risk perceptions with respect to various EMF sources, and second, how people link exposure characteristics to their risk perception.




Titel (deutsch): Exposition und Risikowahrnehmung EMF
Titel (englisch): Exposure and Risk Perception EMF
Erhebungszeitraum: 04/2013
Stichprobe (effektiv): 652
Stand der Informationen: 10.07.2013

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Wissenschaftsforum Elektromagnetische Felder (WF-EMF)


Prof. Dr. Peter Wiedemann

Dipl. Psych. Frederik Freudenstein

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